01. Prof. David Wilkins: What's happening in the legal profession?

Professor David Wilkins is the Lester Kissel Professor of Law, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession, and Faculty Director of the Center on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School. He is an internationally renowned expert on the legal profession and legal education who has written over 80 articles on these topics in leading scholarly journals... And also a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend to his students!

When we were brainstorming who we wanted to kick off Season One, Episode One of our podcast with, it was clear to us that there was no better person than Professor Wilkins to set the foundation and tone for the issues we want to discuss. His work and research has inspired generations of law students to think critically about the legal profession and its many changes and challenges, and we might not even have the frame of mind to start a podcast like this one, if not for his work. We hope that this conversation with Professor Wilkins will similarly inspire you—the law and pre-law students listening to the podcast—to engage with these issues.

Read "The Practice" by the Harvard Center on the Legal Profession at https://clp.law.harvard.edu/the-practice/

Some takeaways include:
  • Globalization is reshaping the careers of not just the lawyers in foreign jurisdictions, but all lawyers. Increasingly, lawyers have global or at least multinational careers, whether they’re practicing law in another country or they are serving foreign clients in the United States.
  • There's been a "blurring together of traditional categories of organization and thought" in the legal profession, e.g. public and private, or global and local, or law and business. People used to think of law not only as separate from business, but completely separate from accounting or consulting or strategic information or economics. Now, all of those things are being mixed together, which means that our generation of law students is going to have to think about law in a much more multidisciplinary context.

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