02. Prof. Scott Westfahl: On teaching leadership to students and law firm leaders

Professor Scott Westfahl teaches courses on problem solving, teams, networks and innovation at Harvard Law School. This year, his classes include “Innovation in Legal Education and Practice” and the 1L class, “Leadership Fundamentals.” He is also the Director of HLS Executive Education, which means he runs leadership classes for law firm Managing Partners, General Counsels and other senior leaders in the legal profession.

In this episode of the HALB Leadership Podcast, we talk about Professor Westfahl's career trajectory, as well as his work on leadership. If you want to hear about the transformational leadership insights that make law firm leaders end up "in tears" - don't miss this episode!

Takeaways include:
  • The psychology of motivation. Many law firm leaders and senior in-house counsel think that if you align monetary incentives, behavior will fall in line. Prof. Westfahl prompts leaders to look at the psychology of motivation and how to tap into the deeper factors that high-need-for-achievement lawyers are really driven by.

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